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Apple has launched the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. There's actually a fresh image-processing chip baked in to the Pixel 2s - the Pixel Visual Core - that Google hasn't activated and didn't tell anyone about. It's an octa-core processor Google designed itself that delivers additional horsepower for imaging and HDR processing. Google says it'll push an update in the coming weeks to fire it up. That Google designed its mobile chip is surprising enough; even more impressive is that each test photo I've taken which used HDR+ hasn't even touched that extra chipset yet. More important, Google says that third-party camera applications may also be in a position to shoot with the Pixel 2's HDR+ mode when it activates the chipset in the coming weeks. The ability to shoot improved photos from right in a application like Instagram is a very strong (not to mention surprising) reason to choose a Pixel over your competition.

Previously, the Camera application would shoot pictures in JPEG and videos in H.264. Well, in iOS 11, Apple has bumped that up to compression formats that can help you save twice as much space (up to two times better compression). The brand new HEIF ( High Efficiency Image Format ) will need the place of the old JPEG files, while videos will be using the H.265 video coding format Of course, you can disable this in the Camera settings if you want.

Another interesting patent that Apple has filed recently involves file sharing. It involves physical motion such as pouring or flicking to transfer files and information between iOS devices. In the event that you wished to copy a file from your iPhone 8 to your iPad you would simply make a pouring motion with your iPhone and the file will be sent to your iPad automatically. One other way to share information will be to flick notes to other people near you. You simply load the note you would like to

It certainly helps that the screen about the notch is one of the nicest I've used. Samsung actually produces the 5.8-inch OLED panel in the iPhone X, but it was designed to Apple's specifications. The effect is a crisp (458 ppi), beautiful screen that definitely isn't as punchy as some of the others you'll find out there. That's apparently by design: Apple spokespeople have decried other OLEDs as being way too saturated, and said the company tuned this screen for much more natural colors. The X's wide color gamut and support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision are certainly useful touches, but people like those punchier screens for a reason: They're more dramatic and exciting.

It's taken a time but we now have our first proper show-stopping bug for iOS 10, and it revolves around the way Bluetooth works on iPhones or, as the case could possibly be, just how it doesn't work. An ever-increasing range of users have been reporting lately haga clic en el siguiente sitio de internet they are in fact experiencing issues where devices running iOS 10 are either refusing to appropriately pair with accessories such as speakers or headphones, or when they actually pair, the bond is far from stable.

Facial recognition, screen to screen glass and wireless charging are new features for the iPhone family, but other smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 have previously introduced variants of the in their models and are for sale to less (in some cases a couple of hundred less). One caveat that Rachel Rothman, Chief Technologist of the nice Housekeeping Institute says to keep in mind: While Apple usually isn't the first to market new features, their technology usually is refined and performs intuitively and elegantly, but many of the cool new features will be available just by updating your present software.