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Apple iPhone 7 smartphone premiered in September 2016. I haven't done any significant testing so it may just be my imagination but… I haven't had the greatest experience with the device's battery life so far. The good news here is that Apple offers great tools to help you track which programs are wrecking the iPhone's battery. I've already decided to use Safari in favor of Chrome on the iPhone 6s after being positively horrified at the quantity of battery life Google's mobile browser uses.

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The iPhone 8 Plus shares a robust foundation with the iPhone 8, but a few features give it a distinct advantage over its little brother. Its 12-megapixel dual camera is among the best we've used, and its own bigger battery means it'll stick around longer on the charge than the iPhone 8. While it's easily the best big phone Apple has ever made, its slightly longer, slightly heavier body make it feel just a little unwieldy in comparison to some of its biggest rivals.

Really the only gripe that we have with regards to video on the iPhone 7 is that Apple refuses to put some kind of toggle in the Camera application that allows you to improve recording modes on-the-fly. Currently, if you wish to change between email protected and email protected (for example), you will need to go to close the Camera app, go to Settings > Photos and Camera > Record Video and choose your preferred option. This can change lives in conditions of light levels, as email protected will capture less light than email protected and therefore shouldn't be used in low-light situations, but without way to quickly change prior to recording, most of us are left with dark videos.

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