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When most of us thought Apple could do no better, each goes and draw out the iPhone 3G, with an increase of internet speed and a more recent design with an already great product. The bodies of the phones are made from aluminium and come in five colours - silver, gold, rose gold, black, (which has a matte appearance), and "jet black", (that includes a high-gloss look). The App Store was not without controversy, though. Apple's notoriously strict guidelines and its own walled garden" method of how it allows applications to interact with the iPhone have been criticized throughout the years. But there is no denying the App Store has been critical to the iPhone's success.

Another advantage of glass over metal is that radio signals can careen right through it. Because of this, the subtle antenna bands we saw wrapped around the 7 and 7 Plus are totally gone. If you are looking at the telephone from behind, whatever you get is a glimpse at the camera, the shiny Apple logo and the "iPhone" branding; even the "Designed by Apple" text has been excised. The result is the cleanest iPhone I've ever seen. It could just be me, but I also choose the way these glass backs feel. They're pop a estos chicos little grippier and warmer than bare metal, though they're as susceptible to sliding around on tables.

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As I mentioned earlier, we're arguably at a stage of peak smartphone", where we have such powerful therefore many features that innovation becomes quite difficult. Apple also introduced the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, which resemble the iPhone 7 line but have a glass back for wireless charging. If you've never really had an iPhone before, iPhone 7 and iOS 10 are a great jumping on point. Combine ease of use and accessibility with unmatched customer support and software updates, and it's a compelling upgrade for anybody.

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