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Standing Group/Special Interest Groups (SG/SIGs) are an opportunity for Internet Society members to collaborate on and find solutions for topics of interest that are not necessarily addressed directly by the projects under the Internet Society Action Plan.


Membership of the Accessibility Standing Group is open to all Internet Society Members. To join the Internet Society visit - it's free!


The Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group was formed on November 1 2021, subsequent to ISOC's plan to de-charter existing Special Interest Groups. While the new SIGs are temporary and project-based, both Accessibility and Youth, as Standing Groups, are permanent.

The Accessibility SIG (A11ySIG) will continue, but revert to its origin as an Internet Society New York Chapter (ISOC-NY) project.


The SG communicates via the Accessibility Standing Group Connect Community

Code of Conduct


An election was held in January 2022, with the results (pdf | xls) , announced on February 14 2022. Terms expire on December 31 2023.

  • Chair: Gunela Astbrink
  • Vice-Chair: Vashkar Bhattacharjee
  • Secretary: Kindy Vereus Montreuil (from March 2022)
  • Treasurer: Judith Hellerstein
  • Planning and Reporting Officer: (Tie) Zakari Yama and Swaran Sanadhika Ravindra
  • ChAC Representative: Shamsuddeen Mohammed Lawal

On April 12 2022, Klaus Hoeckner was appointed as an an associate member of the leadership team, to act as back up for Shamsuddeen Mohammed Lawal.

Former officers

  • Peter Crosbie (Secretary Jan-Mar 2022)
  • Joly Macfie (AMS Admin Jan 2022 - Mar 2023)


See Accessibility SG Calls

also ASG sub-committee on content development

Activity Plan

For 2022, the Internet Society has allocated a maximum of 30’000 USD per SG/SIG to pursue significant activities that support the mission of the Internet Society through the SG/SIGs work. The Accessibility SG Activity Plan (AP) will be inclusive of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and an activity budget. The activity framework will conceptualize, measure, and evaluate the work the SG/SIG will carry out throughout 2022.'For 2023, the allocated budget for Standing Groups is $15k

  • Mar 15 2022 ISOC has supplied a template for the Activity Plan. (docx, pdf)
  • May 11 2022 After deliberation, and a consultation of the SG members, the finished Activity plan was submitted to ISOC. pdf



Disability Leadership Training Project

Group Activities

Other Member Activities